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Puz® Knows How™...

Puz® Knows How™ is a new, interactive children's program that combines entertainment, technology and education designed to teach every child how to make friendly choices and use good manners every day.

Puz® was originally created in 2009 during discussions between creators, educational and behavior consultant Maria Wheeler, M.Ed, BCBA and producer Zack Wilson. Their goal was to create a series of stories (both published and on television) that would entertain as well as educate.

Where does Puz® get his name?

The original concept of Puz® was to offer social lessons within the stories for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Neurobehavioral Disorders, Down Syndrome, as well as other children with special needs.

Naturally, since Puz® was originally conceived for this purpose, Puz® was designed to apear like the puzzle piece that is associated with Autism Awareness. Likewise, his name is derived from the puzzle piece.

The social lessons or "Social Scripts" in each Puz® story are critical behavior skills necessary to lead successful and happy lives, whether in school, at home or anywhere.

With an estimated 1 in 88 people in the US (about 46 million) diagnosed with some form of Autism, Puz® Knows How™ can positively impact many of these families.

What's more, the message that Puz® delivers has the potential to reach EVERY FAMILY.

After developing the first three stories, it was discovered that the stories had an even wider appeal to young audiences. Every child can benefit from learning how to make friendly choices, use good manners, follow directions, use good hygiene, and much more... All of which are skills that Puz® Knows How™ to do and wants to share with all of his friends.

Puz® Knows How™ also offers helpful resources and strategies for parents and teachers to better understand and support their children as they learn these essential social skills.

Your donation and support goes a long way...

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Puz Knows How is a play-a-long, trans-media brand with the purpose of making educational resources more easily accessible and engaging by combining entertainment media with technology.

Your donation will help fund production of the Puz® Knows How™ Television Educational Video Series for children to laugh and learn with, as well as provide valuable educational resources to parents and teachers of children on the Autism Spectrum.
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