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Puz® Knows How™ projects for you and your child

The Puz® Knows How™ team is continually provide proven resources to aid in the continuing life skills education, as well as general education, of children, teens, parents and teachers.

The Puz® Knows How™ projects will achieve these goals through television, print and online materials for children, teens, educators and parents.

The projects include:

Multilingual programs that give children from birth to age 14 the opportunity to reach their highest potential
Research that helps us understand the needs of children, parents and teachers, and how we can use media to address them
Programs and activities that address crucial health and developmental issues, interpersonal relationship issues, and support adults in reaching out to children

Please continue to visit us to see our progress as we develop new projects designed to help you and your child.

Below, you will find many of our up coming projects that you can look forward to being released.

Puz® Knows How™ e-Books

Look for these e-book titles coming soon:

•  Puz® Knows How™ To Sit & Eat At Dinner Time

•  Puz® Knows How™ To Brush His Teeth


Puz® Knows Mobile Applications & Online Games

Look for these mobile application titles coming soon:

•  Puz® Knows How™ To Find Familiar Faces - A mobile app designed to allow parents to upload their pictures so that the child can identify mom, dad, brother, sister, and others... through a fun and engaging game experience.

•  Puz® Knows How™ To Pick Beginning Word Sounds - A mobile app that teaches children to identify beginning word sounds; for instance "Ant... Ant starts with the letter A".

•  Puz® Knows How™ To Find Colors - A mobile app helps children identify colors.

Video Resources for Parents & Teachers

Look for these helpful videos coming soon:

•  Increasing Tolerance In Children hosted by Maria Wheeler, M.Ed., BCBA.

Puz® Knows How™ To Watch & Do

New instructional and interactive videos are coming soon, beginning with Puz Knows How To Clean A Runny Nose based on the e-book currently available for purchase.

These videos are designed to teach children social skills, independence and good manners. Children can "Watch" Puz perform these skills first, and then they can follow along and "Do" the job themselves.

Other Watch & Do Videos will include subjects such as:

•  Getting dressed for the day time and night time

•  Brushing Teeth

•  Saying "Hello," "Please," and "Excuse Me"

•  Fire Safety At Home and School

•  Meeting New Animal Friends

•  and more...
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Puz Knows How is a play-a-long, trans-media brand with the purpose of making educational resources more easily accessible and engaging by combining entertainment media with technology.

Your donation will help fund production of the Puz® Knows How™ Television Educational Video Series for children to laugh and learn with, as well as provide valuable educational resources to parents and teachers of children on the Autism Spectrum.
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