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Puz Knows How has released a new e-book titled Puz® Knows How™ To Find The Letter A ©

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Puz Knows How has also released a new DVD offered exlusively on sale at PuzKnowsHow.com

Puz® Knows How™ To Use Nice Hands When I'm Mad© is the first episode of season one which teaches important social lessons for kids.

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April 2012

Puz Knows How was featured in an online article on Autism Around the World.

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January 2012

Puz Knows How was featured in the online magazine Chaotic Riffs.

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Puz Knows How is a play-a-long, trans-media brand with the purpose of making educational resources more easily accessible and engaging by combining entertainment media with technology.

Your donation will help fund production of the Puz® Knows How™ Television Educational Video Series for children to laugh and learn with, as well as provide valuable educational resources to parents and teachers of children on the Autism Spectrum.
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