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Puz Knows How is a play-a-long, trans-media brand with the purpose of making educational resources more easily accessible and engaging by combining entertainment media with technology.

Your donation will help fund production of the Puz® Knows How™ Television Educational Video Series for children to laugh and learn with, as well as provide valuable educational resources to parents and teachers of children on the Autism Spectrum.

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$150,000.00 Goal

Puz® Knows How™ is a production of Cityburgh Studios & Entertainment. All donations for Puz Knows How will be processed through Cityburgh Studios & Entertainment, LLC. All funds will be awarded to the campaign owners within 2 business days.††
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Your donation and support goes a long way...

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Puz® Knows How™ has children laughing and learning, as each episode promises to entertain and teach valuable social skills, self care skills, lessons in independence, and basic academic skills such as:
  • How To Use Nice Hands When I'm Mad
  • How To Clean A Runny Nose
  • How To Find Letters Starting With A
  • How To Stay Calm On A Stormy Day
  • And much, much more
Through our test screenings, we know that general education children, as well as their parents and teachers, will benefit from the program. Furthermore, since the lessons are based on the same social and self care lessons used in classrooms to benefit children on the Autism Spectrum, Puz® Knows How™ will help the growing population of children diagnosed daily.

Puz® Knows How™ has the chance to bring all of this to families everywhere through international distributor partnerships, but we simply need help.

Primarily, our campaign goal is structured to help us fund the production of 5 new episodes for the first season of Puz® Knows How™, which consists of 26/22-minute episodes, in order to get this show on TV so that children may experience the fun of learning with Puz, without having to purchase a DVD or rent it through Video-On-Demand.

However, the entire goal of funding 26 episodes does not need to be completed in order for us to get the show rolling.

We can begin the process of international distribution to Video-On-Demand and direct-to-DVD/BluRay with 6 of those episodes completed. Likewise, with the first 12 episodes completed, we can begin negotiating programming placement of the series with international broadcasters, some of whom we have received commitments to begin this process (given we can provide the content at those specified quantities).

These 5 episodes, combined with the 1 pilot episodes that's already been produced, will give us the minimum amount of content required to get the show on the air. The resulting sales of these 6 episodes will provide us will enough to complete the remaining 20 episodes for a full season "in the can."

Furthermore, if we are able to exceed his campaign goal, through your generosity, we will be able to continue developing as much content for Puz® Knows How™ as we can.

This includes more e-books, educational mobile apps, offering helpful articles and videos for parents and teachers on our website, translating our material into multiple languages, and, of coarse, more Puz® Knows How™ videos that kids can laugh and learn with everyday.

Really, it all starts with your help, which we greatly appreciate.
More about Puz® Knows How™

Puz® Knows How™ began in 2009 during discussions between its creators, educational and behavior consultant Maria Wheeler, M.Ed., BCBA and executive producer Zack Wilson. Their goal was to create a series of stories (both in print and on video) that would entertain and teach children on the Autism Spectrum social skills and general academic skills in a playful and interactive series.

After developing the first three stories, Zack and Maria determined that the stories had an even wider appeal and proved beneficial to families, in general, with children ranging in age from Preschool through early Elementary School. This inspired the idea of creating an animated, television version of Puz® Knows How™.

In the pilot episode, Puz® Knows How™ To Use Nice Hands When I'm Mad©, Puz® shows us how to make the friendly choice of using nice hands rather than hitting someone when we're mad.

We learn that it is important to stop and calm down. Then we evaluate… that means to think about what to say or do in your head and decide if it is nice or if it will make people feel sad. Since we're nice we always do the nice thing.

What People Are Saying About Puz™ Knows How®

After testing the show, with selected groups that meet the target demographic, it was established that every child can benefit from learning how to make friendly choices and use good manners. Here is some of the feedback received:
  • The video is great! I think this could be a valuable asset to parents and teachers of children with special needs - Peggy C. Kirby, PhD
  • Wow! We were so impressed with the video! Here's some feedback on what we, as teachers, noticed…
    • Fun, attention-grabbing.
    • Excellent lessons for preschool children.
    • Simple character lets the children focus on the message being taught.
    • Great tone of voice for Puz.
    • Kids were tapping along to Puz singing.
    • Loved the "making good choices" messages.
    • Definitely did your homework and researched "best practices" for children. One of our favorites that we use here is restating the child's feelings or what they communicate…."I'm sorry that made you feel..."
    • Life situations that kids can relate to. Loved the real life connection.
    • Shows how to be independent/ life skills…. "look in the mirror to see if your nose is clean and keep blowing it until you see it's all clean".
    • Excellent communication between Puz and his dad. Dad reiterates Puz's feelings.
    • Puz shows that he is unique….doesn't look like anyone else.
    • 19 of our students viewed the video and were "glued" to the TV. They loved it!
    • Kids laughed at the "Happy Birthday" song that was sung while washing hands. Loved the song being sung twice while washing hands.
    • These lessons are what all teachers want their students to know and practice.
    • Loved the lyrics at the bottom of the screen. Excellent for teachers to learn the song and practice with their students!
    • Great classroom language…."use words instead of hitting".
    • Review lessons…. "Do you remember what to do when you're feeling mad?"
    • Our students loved Puz's interaction with his dog.
    • We train our teachers on having their students make choices and having a place to go to that they can relax, take a deep breath, and be by themselves if needed. One of our trainings was just on having a "Safe Place" in the classroom and how wonderful this was for children.
    • Loved Puz saying, "I'm really smart and so are you." That's exactly what teachers want students to hear! What a great saying to boost a child's confidence and self-esteem.
    • Loved the little lessons entwined into the bigger concept…. "going outside is healthy"…. when Puz was thinking what else he could do when he was upset.
†† The amount awarded to the campaign owner will be the daily sum total, less processing and administrative fees, mutually agreed upon by and between the campaign owner and Cityburgh Studios & Entertainment, LLC as outlined in the Terms & Conditions and the Submission Agreement

Prizes, benefits and/or awards to contributors will be transacted and/or distributed by the campaign owner, which does not hold Cityburgh Studios & Entertainment, LLC liable for items fulfillment, as specified in the Terms & Conditions and Submission Agreement. Contributors should contact the campaign owners directly for prize, benefits and/or awards redemption questions and/or issues.
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