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Become a Puz® Knows How™ Sponsor

We rely on our funders' support to bring the Puz® Knows How™ mission to life. Their collective commitment enables us to harness the educational power of media to benefit children, parents and teachers. We gratefully acknowledge the generous support of our sponsors and partners, without whom our work to educate and inspire children would not be possible.

Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate Sponsorship gives your company a direct connection with children, their families and their teachers by aligning your brand with Puz® Knows How™.

Sponsorship benefits include assets across multiple media environments customized to fit your business needs. These include on-air, print media, and other digital media (i.e. games, continuing education videos, etc.).

Check out the Puz® Knows How™ Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

How Puz® Knows How™ is funded

Our support comes in many forms outside of direct television content sales, grants and licensed product sales. It also comes from advertisers, corporate partners, and individuals like you who are equally passionate about work to innovate on behalf of children.

With your support we can extend these programs to bring the fun and interactive Puz® Knows How™ learning experience to more children every day!

The money goes to:

  • Multilingual programs that give children the opportunity to reach their highest potential
  • Research that helps us understand the needs of children, parents and teachers, and how we can use media to address them
  • Development of content that address crucial health and developmental issues, interpersonal relationship issues, and support adults in reaching out to children
Check out all of the Puz® Knows How™ Partnership Opportunities.

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The Puz® Knows How™ Mission

It's our deepest desire to make the Puz® Knows How™ series become a fixture in the lives and hearts of children, as well as teens, parents and teacher everywhere.

Our hope is to reach children of all ages every day by instilling a love of learning and a strong foundation of social and behavior skills that will enrich their lives in order to reach their maximum potential, for a lifetime.

Through our educational outreach and research programs, we want to provide proven resources to aid in the continuing life skills education, as well as general education, of children, teens, parents and teachers.

The Puz® Knows How™ projects will achieve these goals through television, print and online materials for children, teens, educators and parents.

Through these projects, we are able to make meaningful, measurable, and lasting differences in children's lives.

Your donation and support goes a long way...

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Puz Knows How is a play-a-long, trans-media brand with the purpose of making educational resources more easily accessible and engaging by combining entertainment media with technology.

Your donation will help fund production of the Puz® Knows How™ Television Educational Video Series for children to laugh and learn with, as well as provide valuable educational resources to parents and teachers of children on the Autism Spectrum.
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